Haha I quite like the animation of the video ^^.


Its funny, despite being completely worn out from the intensive running here and there (heh you know you've run like mad when you came in a close second despite having a really intense route and the other team were running too), I feel so awake right now.

Perhaps thats not quite it. The proper term would be 'alive'. I feel so alive right now.

I wonder, what is it that made me feel like this. Was it the time spent lying down lazily on the grass patch not thinking about anything at all? Was it perhaps the deep theological discussions we had about Christianity?

Right now, im in a season in my life where I am really wondering what it means to be Christian. Listening to sermons, reading a book and all that isnt enough really. I need to seek God and dig into the word of God personally for answers. We cannot simply accept everything that we are told. Not that the pastors lie to us or anything haha, but its just that I dont think its quite possible for them to commute their entire lifestyle to us. Instead they have to break into down into little portions and when that happens, we fail to grasp the interconnectedness of everything.

Christianity is something that is really quite deep and I believe it requires a personal pursuit for it instead of just accepting everything that is given. The little things I have been thinking about recently, theology of hell, consumer Christianity, and the end times are but a few of the many things that have left me pondering about what we believe and how much of what we believe is actually truly reflected in the word of God.

Of course, all these theological things form only one small segment of it. 1 Corinthians 13 reminds us that all these things are nothing in comparison to faith, hope and love. Those too are things I am trying to grasp. What does it really means for us as Christians to love? The answer may not be as simple as it seems, and I hardly would think that it can be expressed in one mere sentence. Its an entire experience, and entire lifestyle. Reducing it to one simple line diminishes the enormity of its value.

The entire idea of who God is. Everything. Thinking about all these somehow gives me a great sense of peace and joyfulness. It feels like im only beginning to understand the greatness and majesty of our God and king.

In that attitude and together with the completely soaked in sweat shirt, I decided to walk home from jurong heh. Havnt done that entire route in maybe two or three years, with the closest previous being walking home from science centre last year after mugging there with the peeps at DI heh. Its a nice little route by the roadside where there are plenty of cars but almost no people. The cars cant hear you, so you can sing and shout as loud as you'd like, as long as you dont go a little crazy.

Somehow the company theme song felt so appropriate. Its really a little dream of mine. Now that primers is over, I really want to give of all that I can give to the people in DI, within kairos and out of it. Even as we sing the company theme song, I wonder perhaps if it is only appropriate that we apply it in DI as well.

Just think about it. Maybe I'd like that to be my vision.


Let's unite our hearts together for our God and King
And to our faithful Saviour we sing
Allow Him the room to work in everything we do
And He will always carry us through

And we will march on
We will march on in the power of His Spirit
We'll be sure (yes sure), and stedfast as we worship at His feet
We'll be one in vision, one in Christ
Together on our knees
One in vision, one in Christ
For all, the world (the world) to see

Lets unite our gifts together for our God and King
And to our endless Giver we bring
Let me take your hand and we will run this race together
With the author of life at our reign


Its amazing how this song survived through the times. Found some other poor quality video all the way back from 2006 of them singing this song too. The location looks like the IAN or something. Im also amazed at all the results that a google search of "one in vision, one in Christ" yields.

Let me take your hand and we will run this race together.

We'll be one in vision, one in Christ, together on our knees.


Well, two other songs float around my head too heh. Love is Waiting and Betty. Both by Brooke Fraser heh, havnt took time to listen to her songs again in some time haha. I've gotta say, these two songs are really wonderful songs. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I havnt found any other song that quite captures love the way 'love is waiting' does haha. Both songs have beautifully crafted lyrics, and haha if people have wondered where my msn personal message comes from, take a look below ^^.

In the autumn on the ground
Between the traffic and the ordinary sounds
I am thinking signs and seasons while a north wind blows through
i watch as lovers pass me by
Walking stories - whos and hows and whys
Musing lazily on love
Pondering you
I'll give it time, give it space and be still for a spell
When it's time to walk that way we wanna walk it well

I'll be waiting for you baby
I'll be holding back the darkest night
Love is waiting till we're ready, till it's right
Love is waiting

It's my caution not the cold
there's no other hand that i would rather hold
the climate changes, im singing for the strangers about you
dont keep time, slow the pace
Honey hold on if you can
the bets are getting surer now that you're my man

I could write a million songs about the way you say my name
I could live a lifetime with you and then do it all again
and like I can't force the sun to rise or hasten summer's start,
neither should I rush my way into your heart

You got a quick snap-lock on your cold, cold heart
You got your YSL kicks and a red birthmark
In the shape of Canada
That you try to keep a secret

You got a quick clack walk and a cold hard stare
And if your eyes could talk they'd say they just don't care
Before they wander off
To hide inside their sockets

You've got your scars and you've got your birthmarks
You've got Toronto hiding on your hip, honey
You've got your secrets
You've got your regrets
Darling, we all do

You got a fool-proof plan for a lonely life
You won't be no one's daughter and no drunk man's wife
If a wife at all
It's a silly institution
Or so you keep insisting

You've got your scars and you've got your birthmarks
You've got Toronto hiding on your hip, honey
You've got your secrets
You've got your regrets
Darling, we all do

You're cool coy, 'bout your strawberry hip
It's you that's hidden by the expectations
We want to see you, won't you show us where to start?
You're talking trash with your replica lips
It's you that tickle in the conversation
Sweet Betty, won't you show us who you are?

You've got your scars and you've got your birthmarks
You've got Toronto hiding on your hip, honey
You've got your secrets
You've got your regrets
Darling, we all do

You've got a quick snap-lock on your cold, cold heart


Well, time to sleep. Waking up early to do TOK, dont think I can feeling sleep heh. Sleepy, yet alive. Well, cya =).