The things I do instead of work

Hehe, I know I was telling various people its noob to play this game but actually I already wanted to play it LOL. Well I finally did. And you can see the result of trying to be a perfectionist.

Its a good things im not THAT perfectionist in my work though, or I'll never get any sleep heh.

The thing is, surprisingly I do more or less have the time to do this. Yea I'll still have sleepless nights but it isnt that bad. Mainly because while almost everyone is starting to work on their econs IA 4 draft 1, I completed econs IA 4 final draft.

That, and all the holidays that will be coming. Really thankful for all that.

Ok time to start on TOK. I be waking up at 1pm =D. Heh, interesting that I can actually afford to do that.

Feels weird though, my 'primers alarm' on my hp is not turned on bleh. And not joining the peeps for their activities either, supposed to stay at home and do work.

Kay, I shall attempt to finish everything then go sleep, because otherwise I wouldnt be doing any work in the morning.


Change of plans its 4.15am whoops. I underestimated how tough TOK essay is (more like I forgot heh). I shall go sleep first and do again later. At least im getting hyped up for it instead of completely sianned because im finally getting somewhere with it. Seriously, it might actually turn out quite well, something that seemed so impossible before. Therefore even though I only wrote less than half my essay, im a happy man =D.