Haha so the year 5s are streaming back from WOW. Yea its weird, life was so pleasant without them HAHA. Nice empty space everywhere. Anyway, I think they will be delighted to know that there are new benches everywhere around school now heh. No more fighting for benches =p.

You know, there are many many sad and hurt people out there. Far too many it seems. And I do wish that I had the ability to just go and make things right but I cant. Take a magic wand wave it over them and all the gloomy clouds will go away. But you know, there are no quick fix solutions. Sometimes, there arent any solutions at all. On my own part, I know that it is not one of my strengths and that makes things even more difficult.

Still, the world is far too depressed for my liking. Smile people, laugh, let your life be filled with joy. When darkness closes in, then the light you shine will appear to be even brighter.

Live. Love.