Herd together, perish together

Now I dont read xiaxue's blog, but I saw a tweet by my friend on facebook and went to find out what it was about.

I usually dont like what she says, but these two posts make a heck load of sense.


She kinda has similar sentiments to my own. Except well, she expresses it more powerfully and colorfully than I do heh.

I think I sound like a PAP supporter. Im not. I suan the PAP sometimes too. If I were in Aljunied, It will actually be a difficult decision for me. What the PAP did wrong I am aware and I'd expect them to improve after this election anyway (hell no you cant be complacent after a crazy fight like this one). I dont think the apology made during election period was worth much either.

What I cannot stand is blind ignorance (some of the opposition's qualifications and manifestos are terrible) and herd mentality (its cool to hate on the PAP huh) as well as failure to recognise the contributions that the PAP has done for us (stop scolding them for their errors without looking at how they have brought us through all these years, even these past five years through the economic crisis you ungrateful people).

Im not a PAP supporter. Im just supporting good governance. Which is why I think the WP A team should have fought for another GRC and win it instead of taking on George Yeo. I dont mind having five, ten, or even more good quality oppositions members in the parliament. My only criterion is that they are capable people, not some people who got pushed into parliament because people just wanted PAP out.

Theres too much herd mentality in the world. People need to stop blindly agreeing with others without thinking it through themselves carefully. I dont like blind PAP supporters either.

Anyway, on a side note before I go off, woah xiaxue really has power over the new media. LKY was at 50k facebook likes the last I saw. Since the post was made 2 days ago in retaliation to Nicole Seah beating LKY's number of likes, she single handedly got LKY's facebook likes increased dramatically to overtake Nicole Seah once again o.o.