I be munching on gummy frogs

Played 2DArray's latest game at charles' house yesterday. Its pretty amusing how 'I want to try out this new game' became a sessions of three computers trying to solve everything without helping one another too much. Well we cleared it in the end. Riddle was the one that was the most amusing to watch everyone play heh.

Im not too much of a fan of this one though. The concept was great but I didnt find it as thought provoking as compared to the other games. The philosophical aspect was a little strange I suppose, perhaps after all that TOK we have been doing in IB. Also, the link between the message and the gameplay itself was quite disjointed, I'd rather have the game tell the story rather than it unlock stuff that tells the story.


Well on the topic of games, I've been going back to edit my space fighter game for gamemaker. I started making in sec 2 and its quite amazing it survived that long haha. Well initially I stopped its production because it got really tedious to add in anything new due to all these new things having to be set to interact with everything that already existed.

Well google does wonders. I found out how to avoid all that pain via a very simple function heh. So its back in business, I created level 16 and 17 yesterday after years. Did also a revamp on the movement system so that the mechanism is changed, and some sprite changes for clarity as well.

This shall entertain me until I get my portal 2 heh.


Im starting to grow to like the Aftermath album haha. It has some really good songs in it.


While just randomly doing things today, I was reminded of the things one man has done for many of us. Where we are today, how far we have come, the continued legacy that he has established and how it continues to affect each and every single one of us even in his absence.

For that I am thankful. Its a pity that things went that way towards the end. Yet despite how things may not have turned out perfectly well, in the end through it all we have grown, we have become stronger.

One thing that really stands out is the love for each individual. Even if we are to say that some other things are problematic, this one factor is quite undeniable. It is that personal involvement that really stands out when I look back. In that, he exemplified the personal God, reaching down to us common folks.

How much greater is our God indeed.

I am thankful really. Where I am today is largely a product of this man. Where most of us are today is. So even as we continue to advance forward, let us not forget our roots.