Part two

Haha while yesterday was the celebrative mood, today was the day of gifts. Funny, I realise I didnt get anything yesterday heh.

Amongst them, an extremely impromptu card printed on normal A4 paper with people writing on it in a very non subtle way that I kinda figured out while they were still writing it. Haha I found it amusing really. A4 plain white paper, not exactly the best of materials for a card eh =p.

Still, its sweet and people bothered to do it, especially with its origin coming from people who dont exactly do such things, its nice =). I just need to think of what to do with it before it gets all crumpled up and stuff heh. Like I said, normal A4 paper not exactly the best material xD.

I dont know if the people in school are gonna spring anything on me in monday. If they dont its perfectly alright, if they do, DONT CAKE ME. Or dunk me in the school pond. Or anything like that. That happens to be yet another reason why I dont want to advertise my birthday heh.

I know theres at least a part three because the Law said so heh. Though I havnt seen it yet, thanks =p.

To everyone else, thank you. You didnt have to, but having done it, its really sweet and with all my heart I really do appreciate it. It means alot to me =).

And to the ones who tried and failed, heh I love it all the same ^^.

Thank you. Like I said previously, a birthday is but a man made occasion, it means nothing by itself. You guys made it mean something. Gifts and well wishes by themselves dont mean much, but the willingness to do it brings joy to my heart. It is in times like this when I am reminded of the beauty of life.


Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders
These twists and turns of fate
Time falls away
But these small hours
These small hours still remain