Sneez wheez


Listening to my new aftermath album ^^.

My sickness got me down last week, then it got better over the weekend, and then it just dived bomb back down to real shitty levels starting yesterday till this morning, and suddenly now im okay again.

Rawr. Not too good eh.

I had this really annoying headache earlier. Like, you know theres the headache where the front of your brain hurts, then theres the one that the back of your head hurts. Well, I had both simultaneously plus some completely random things stuck in my head. Like a dream I had this morning which was so irrelevant to anything and was pretty meaningless, but it just kept looping and messing with my mind while the headaches were ongoing. It was so darn annoying.

Oh oh oh, and guess whats worse than having a cough? Having a cough while your body is still aching from showdown 3. Everytime I cough, the sudden jerk causes my entire body to hurt =(. That was yesterday haha today my body isnt aching that much anymore though my legs feel very weak.

I guess im glad though that im sick only now at week ten. I remember saying to myself that im only allowed to get sick at the end of the term while going through the mad rush of IB, and so I am thankful that that much was true. Its pretty alright to get sick now with the deadlines relaxed.

Well, transition phase of IB life is here. IOC was always more like an exam than an IA anyway. So here it goes, end of the stay up late doing work to meet the deadlines period, welcome to the final dash. Its the first holidays since the march one last year that isnt actually swamped with work to do. Just revision.

So yes. Despite everything, all is good. God is good.

Lets fly.