Taking a good slack off


The 2010 term 2 math HL paper is insanely difficult bleh.

On a side note, haha I actually slacked off quite significantly (did only that paper and its a one hour paper heh) and I dont really feel bad today. Perhaps because its nice to spend it around the company of others. And how I like the fact that I cleared most of my IAs =).

Everyone's like stressing out over their TOK essay and im taking a good lepak lol. If got time I'll probably even throw in one game of dota later when im home (I played one on friday after so many months haha).

One downside though, I might actually want to clear some of my so called non important work (the non graded random assignments) and start studying heh. Im not really gonna study that hard for econs test though, seems like too much to study for in such a short time. I do hope I have enough motivation during the June hols though heh.