Time warp

I could say abit more about the elections, maybe give a summary of what I feel about all the parties and stuff, but nay.

Politics is a really tiring thing. I started posting about it because of all the yahoo news comments and I felt that there was great injustice done there but you know, what I say isnt going to change a thing. If people are stubborn, then no matter what I say, it wont make a difference.

Haha well, today I found a few people who actually know more stuff than I do. Well, of course they do one of them is the nephew of the prime minister heh. Its funny to listen to his views on the political situation =p.

I'll probably comment again after the election results are released though, its after all a pretty momentous thing heh.


Was just looking through all my old facebook photos on my profile, and with it comes back memories of all the times I have been through, the life that I had led.

And with it, there seems to be a sense of, sadness and regret.

Suddenly in these short moments, I am reminded of all the things that could have been. Not that I am depressed over where I am today or anything, I am very thankful to be able to be who I am. Thankful that though there is much more to improve upon, at least I am in a phase where I recognise all these and am willing to act upon them with the help of God.

The regrets I have are of things that could have turned out differently. The photos reminds me of good times that were lost. Friendships that have become non existent. Lives that I had allowed to pass me by. Things that could have been different.

To be honest, to a certain extent I wished I remained insensitive, uncaring, unfeeling and just moving along in this mad mad world. Then I would continue to be oblivious to all the things in the past. Of course that necessarily comes with detrimental effects and so it wouldnt be a practical option. Still, sometimes I wonder.

Experiences in my life have molded me to become who I am today. As such, these journeys in life were a great blessing to me. Yet I can never forget some of these things that had plagued me and though they have since become things of the past, the ways in which they too have molded me continue to haunt my life.

The smiles on some of those photographs seem so unreal.

Looking back now I only wish I had been kinder
Did I ever know love, did I ever know love?
And could I have been blinder?

I guess its inevitable. Thats just life. Upon looking back, there are always things that could have been done better, things that could have gone another way. Still, we trust that God remains in control of our lives, and He continues to lead us and guide us every step of the way, as we come to understand more and more what it means to live by the Spirit.

There is pain in the things that have since gone, but the days grow brighter as we move on forwards. We are ascending.