ABDC Season Six

Yes, watching every single one of those videos down there will take pretty long, but its worth it. I spent two hours not studying heh. And please, dont watch here, go watch in on youtube on HD heh.

So I really wasnt bothering to follow ABDC. I dont know why actually, since its the show that produced the most awesome dance groups Quest Crew, Jabbawockeez and Poreotix. Maybe because subconsciously I thought that season six couldnt get any more spectacular. Maybe because somehow I decided that since season 1, 3 and 5 were awesome while 2 and 4 werent that great, by following the pattern 6 wouldnt be that great either.

Well, anyway I knew Quest were returning to perform for the finale so when it was up on youtube just a few hours ago, I went to watch it.

Yes guys. Quest is still dominating like nobody's business.

And in case you didnt know, they were the core group of dancers and choreographers for the original Party Rock Anthem song. So yes, if anything they were the ones who started the whole shuffling thing heh. And aww Dtrix looked like he was about to cry.

They werent the only ones invited back for the finale though, Jabbawockeez, still owning five seasons later.

The thing about Jabbawockeez is that their style is really unique. These guys are a league of their own, you cant compare them to anyone else because there is no one to compare them to. To quote the judge, 'when a Jabbawockey is on stage, the body language is unlike anyone else'.

And then theres Poreotix. Oh damn these guys are HILARIOUS. They incorporate humour in every single one of their dance routines. Sounds like something Kairos would do heh.

Now honestly, I always though that Poreotix werent exactly the best of the best. Like I wouldnt hesitate to say there are dancers better than these robots, but throughout the entire of season five, what stood out for them was that they never tried to be anything else other than themselves.

Now moving on. I was watching the dance battle between the final two groups and I was like 'ehh nothing special about season six'. Then I watched the victory performance of I aM mE and I thought 'ehhh they are pretty good but they arent spectacular.

I guess of course I didnt think right then that this group doesnt specialize in dance battles (I doubt most of their members can bboy) so maybe a dance battle isnt where they would shine. Plus victory performances were never that great. The other three champions of previous seasons never had fabulous victory performances simply because you ought to be better spending your time getting your final performance before voting right rather than the one after where you are already champions.

Good thing though, I bothered to search youtube for other I aM mE performances. I realise they've been putting their dance videos on youtube before they were even in ABDC. And the main guy I found was Di "Moon" Zhang and he was always dancing with Chachi in their routines.

Oh goodness. These two are good. They dont have the explosive power of Quest Crew or the unique flair of Jabbawockeez, but they're definitely up there among the best of the bests. I thought to myself, these guys are comparable to Mike Song.

Then I realised, Moon was the guy who did a collab with Mike Song in 'magic bathroom' and Chachi did a collab with Hok from Quest Crew before. I watched these videos before why didnt I recognise them when I saw I aM mE. Heres the one between Chachi and Hok.

After watching Moon and Chachi, I decided to watch the compilation from week 1 to 8 for I aM mE. Yup, these guys are good. All eight weeks were better than their victory performance and the dance battle imo.

Something pretty stunning. I realised that there was week 1 to 8 there, then the finals was week 10, so I was wondering what happened in week 9? Well I went to find it, and along with that, I found this interview thing that occurred that week.

The first thing made me go 'Eh what the heck?'. That was, Moon's parents never watched him dance before. What the. They were from China lol and the video was pretty amusing (and racist but amusing) when they subtitled Moon even though he was speaking in english.

The second thing really made me go 'WHAT THE!?!?'. You know Chachi? Yea. Shes fifteen. What the heck!?

So my final thoughts? As a crew, I dont think I aM mE are at the level that Quest Crew or Jabbawockeez are, but they are fantastic. Im gonna be following them on youtube too heh. Especially since thats their home environment. Over there where they do whatever they do best, they are awesome.

Anyway in closing, lets go back to Quest Crew yayyy. They went on Disney lololololol. Disney is retarded xD.