A few things I need to internalise before this upcoming exams:

1) Im not going to do as well as I hope to. Im not sure if my ambitions were lofty ambitions to begin with, but given the current situation to assume anything else would be self deception. I'll just have to do the best I can.
2) Last year's cohort had failures and four pointers for math after mid years. Yet at the finals, everyone had at least five points. What happens now does not necessary dictate what will happen in four and a half months time.
3) If studies do not mean so much to me, then I should not allow myself to be caught in this self imposed rat race. Having decided that it wont be too hard for me to get into the course I want to get into, now I try to do exceptionally well in an attempt to get a scholarship. No, this is endless.
4) What does it mean to glorify God? To sacrifice all other things to add value to ourselves in our achievements, or do add value to others? While good grades matter in being a testimony, it is not the complete picture and it means nothing if we forgo the other parts of our lives.
5) 'He who honours Me, I will honour'. I must seek first His kingdom. More often than not, I am inclined to forgo all these and place priority on my work, but work is a meaningless chasing after the wind. Let God be in the centre of everything.

And most importantly, having said all these, let it not just be empty words but convicted beliefs.