Examination periods are fun


Uhh. I kinda spent another 3 hours reading up on vindictus and watching videos today ehheh. I shall refrain from posting vindictus stuff =p.


There seems to be some amusing pattern I follow everytime the exams are round the corner.

1 month - Aiya still got time la chillax abit.
3 weeks - Oh shit time running out better chiong
1 week - Shit...so screwed...oh well
2 days - MAXIMUM POWER MUGGING ehhhhh but still not enough time oh well
1 day - Oh cool its tmr I should go study...heyy look cool video

True story of my life


Well, some goal setting needs to be done, so im putting my targets on my sidebar. These are the scores I aim to get:

Subject - Midyears - Prelims - IB
Math - 4 - 5 - 6
Econs - 6 - 6 - 7
History - 6 - 7 - 7
English 5 - 6 - 6
Physics 7 - 7 - 7
Chinese already 7
Bonus assume 2
Total - 37 - 40 - 42

Of course, its very unlikely I will hit my midyears target, maybe minus 5 points heh, but I will at least try. With the papers so far, I dont think im getting either my 6 for history nor 7 for physics heh. I realise that if I do get that, essentially im just maintaining my scores since last year, a constant 35 without bonus.

Im serious about my prelims and finals ones though. Its kinda intimidating, 6 for math as well as 7 for econs especially, but hey, once IOC's done its just pure mugging time left.


Examination papers are really fun to play with. Writing retarded answers is fun. I've been doing this for the lulz for years, but usually in secondary school days I can pretty much answer every question that I encounter or at least half of it so I get method marks. Since I've entered IB though, I've faced more questions that I completely dont know how to do, and with hilarious results.

It helps to deal with stress during a paper an examination period heh. I realise I usually am the most stressed around 2 weeks before the paper (see above hehe) but leading up to it I start to care less and during the actual examination period im often screwing around haha. So with this 'aiya whatever la' attitude towards the papers I take, its really hard to demoralize me during the paper itself (which is good). I recall getting owned by math at the end of last year and was writing nonsense throughout the entire paper. Entertaining stuff xD.

Today, I added a new definition to ideal gas. I seriously didnt even know it was in the syllabus haha good thing I found out before IB exams. Well, ideal gases are now 'a gas which all other gases should learn from' hehe. Its not as brilliant but oh well nothing much else you can write heh =p. Dr yong, you'll definitely recognise my script if you see it =D.

I had a tiny bit of extra time and I wanted to draw a maze but two minutes wasn't enough, so I wrote a joke. 'Heisenberg was driving down a road when a police officer pulled him over. "Did you know how fast you were going?" asked the officer. "No" he replied, "But I knew exactly where I was" =D.' Quantum physics yay.

So many things you can do. Sub a random constant in and justify it. Write 42 as the answer. Divide by zero. Include fire breathing dragons somewhere. Troll explanations. Troll definitions. And of course, you can always draw something. Hehe im still extremely proud of my this year's term 1 history paper. On the topic of Boxer Rebellion, I drew cardboard boxes rebelling xD.

I was thinking, if I get 'define resistance' for my actual IB physics paper, I will probably first skip that question and work on the rest. If after finishing the paper I figure I am very confident of a seven point, I will be willing to sacrifice one mark just to play around with it xD. Imagine if you were marking an actual IB script and this guy writes right there under that question:

(I always wanted to do this, I have no regrets)

That would be so epic haha. Ah well.

Hmm, slept just now, so I should get some work done before I sleep again, though for some strange reason im incredibly tired now. Well, ciao =).