Final words

Well, the midyears are here, and I feel woefully unprepared. Still, doesn't really matter I guess. If I get a 6 for history, 5 for econs, 4 for english, 4 for math, 6 for physics, thats 25 without chinese, which was a 7.

32 points isnt the best, but I'll be fine with it, though I really wish I'd at least get a 36 (which may be possible, but im really not counting on it).

Someone will come in here and say 'wth 32 and you say you feel woefully unprepared, im going to get like 22'. Really, I expect myself to do better than that. If you think about it, 32 really is quite bad, even if 22 is worse. No we arent concerned with bad or worse, we want good, we want excellent.

But good and excellent dont actually matter, so thats why I said I'll be fine with it.

This is a season where people get all worked up, stressed and ready to blow, but I just want to close my eyes, sit back, and trust in God to provide. He has carried me through thus far, and I know He will continue to carry me through. I just do what I can.


Something dean kuan said today. 'The God who responds to push buttons is a god of our own making. If we could control God, God is not God, we are god.'

We know that it is He who is in control, and not according to our whims and fancies. 'Can we believe in a God who loved Lazarus but "when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was"?'.

He is not just Saviour, Redeemer and Friend. He is Lord, Shepherd, and our Sovereign King.