I really do need to go study

Hohoho. Vindictus was epic for april fool' day. They rickrolled everyone at some point in time, put the lyrics of friday on, gave away headcrabs and combine mask helms and the companion cube, glados, cake, and the TF2 heavy visited =p.

Btw brandon, what kind of character do you prefer? Do you prefer this? =D

I love the top comments. Heck no I love all the comments xD.

Btw, thats just one insane bugger's dual spear lann. Most dual spear lanns dont actually play like this. This is the suicidal man's method heh. The bugger got killed by blackhammer, then got a poor evie killed as well from 3:02 to 3:42 =p.

Apparently spear lann does more damage but is more vulnerable as well. Sword lann is more agile and versatile. Fiona isnt as fast as lann but she hits hard and she uses counters and she has a sheild haha. Kalok is just, different. Hes like zangeif when hes on his bare hands lol (LOL WHEN I RIGHT CLICK SPELL CHECK FOR ZANGEIF IT GIVES ME ANGELIA). I quite like the way he can lock on with a boss and beat it. Scythe evie is strong but paper and thats where blink and her magic armour comes in. Staff evie is mine nuff said.


I think one other thing that really stands out about vindictus is the plot. For many other MMORPGs, its all about killing mobs and gaining exp gaining levels. There isnt much point in it except to get more powerful. So its like, thousand episode animes that have no ending and all they do is fight new enemies one after another heh.

Vindictus has a really good plot. I really dont recommend you read it in advance because that spoils it for yourself. But uh, yea im me haha I kinda know the entire plot up till episode 9 already. Which just released in Korea. Whoops =D.

From the beginning they create a sense of mystery and as it develops, they throw unexpected twists at you haha. Btw in case you people dont know, vindictus is NOT an open world MMORPG. That would probably be mega lag lol. Vindictus has like 'rooms' which you do a specific quest. Well they are boats but yea. So there arent many open worlds and there arent any open world mobs.

Its good and bad I guess. Good in that, you save time walking from place to place and just go straight to the mission, bad in that an open world is always fun to explore and do stuff. Still, I think its a worthy sacrifice because I think this system is what allows it to have a great storyline and gameplay, and some of these quest areas are huge anyway. Plus since we are just playing in a small group, we dont need to meet up with other new random people heh.

Ok. I need to stop spending so much time on vindictus when im not even playing it heh. I should go study.