Important things

There is a higher throne
Than all this world has known,
Where faithful ones from every tongue
Will one day come.
Before the Son we'll stand,
Made faultless through the Lamb;
Believing hearts find promised grace
Salvation comes.

Hear heaven's voices sing;
Their thunderous anthem rings
Through emerald courts and sapphire skies.
Their praises rise.
All glory, wisdom, power,
Strength, thanks, and honor are
To God our King, who reigns on high

And there we'll find our home,
Our life before the throne;
We'll honor Him in perfect song
Where we belong.
He'll wipe each tear-stained eye
As thirst and hunger die.
The Lamb becomes our Shepherd King;
We'll reign with Him.


Beautiful song =).

Something that pastor tim said today that is worth thinking about. Those with great capacity to love, with great courage and tenacity, they all have a story, for they have been through experiences that made them who they are.

For me, to mention that this is so for all people might be fallacious, but otherwise, it may well contain alot of truth in it.


I havnt been in the best form. Through seasons of life we are tested and trialed in different ways. Sometimes, I have allowed the things of this world to choke up my walk with God, preventing it from being what I hope it could be.

Still, it is never too late to return into the arms of the father. With so many things happening right now in the spiritual realm, I must stand strong.

Its dangerous but its a prayer that must be upheld.

Search me, break me, stretch me, lead me, use me.


I dont think I would be able to live with myself if I let them slip away.


Studies oh dear. Im behind time. Partially because of procrastination, partially because creating notes is alot tougher than I expected it to be. Yet, I cannot because of this turn my eyes away from Christ. Through it all, I will fix my eyes on Him, and trust that He will honour those who honour Him.