10 days

My motivation for the last dash =D.

Its quite scary to think about how little I have done this holidays, this in light of the sheer amount of time I have been spending in front of my work. I dont know, something its wrong with my efficiency when it comes to work.

I spend like, morning to night every day sitting in front of my work but I get very little accomplished. I really dont want to study, but at the same time I dont allow myself to slack off because I cannot afford to. In the end, I spend majority of my time not doing anything, and I really feel like I wasted my day. I didnt accomplish much in my work, and neither did I enjoy myself.

Im gonna try brandon's 10 min timer method. Set a timer for 10 mins, and force yourself to chiong that 10 mins. When the timer goes off, push yourself another 10 mins and so on and so forth. If you need to take a break, you can only stop at the ten minute intervals allocated. Then continue again. This is actually a method used by smokers to quit smoking so I feel a little retarded applying it to work as if not doing work is like some foul problem but hey, whatever works.