Run away

I sometimes wonder, what would it be like to disappear from the face of the Earth for awhile. Sometimes, life does get pretty challenging and you would like to jump out of existence for awhile, take a break, and come back later.

So I was eating lunch today, when it occurred to me, you can. Well, not now for me of course im in IB. School is compulsory and so are exams. But maybe after IB.

I actually wanna do it. For a week, turn off your phone. deactivate your facebook and twitter and whatever else there is. Dont go on msn. Dont blog. Dont read anyone else's blog. Anything to do with social life, cut it. Make yourself impossible to be contacted (well, theres your family but yea). Dont go out with friends. Dont go anywhere where there is anyone else you know.

Then, go read a book. Read three books. A fiction, a non fiction, and a Christian. Go running. Go cycling. Take a train from Joo Koon to Changi and back. Watch a movie by yourself. Jump up and down. Pray. Sleep. Eat. Take a leisurely stroll at night. Play maplestory. Watch the big bang theory. Play the keyboard. Cook. Memorise pi. Laugh. Dance.

Wouldn't it be nice. Its like, taking a holiday, except you dont actually go overseas. Just stay here and do whatever you want to do that you normally could not because of whatever constraints that may be imposed unto you.