So whats important?

Oh well, while waiting for the clip to come in.

Seems that love beyond has taken up alot of my studying time for this upcoming mid years examinations. Kinda like what explorally did to me last year, except that last year there was only a tiny bit to study for each subject.

I guess at first, I was really frantic about the whole thing. Why am I spending so much time on this, and so little time on my studies? Imma fail ohno, im gonna fail im gonna fail etc.

But as I work on all these, I actually get a sense of fulfillment. More so than I would ever get from my studies.

So, its just mid years. They arent even important. Im sure I can still catch up on time for my finals. But im glad that I kinda got love beyond 'forced' on me to that extent (not really forced on physically but it made me feel like it was my obligation to do it even if I dont have time). It was meaningful.

Even the little things like serving in imagine. I really wanted to, heck it and make a shabby video. Like, dude I have midyears. But I realise it did matter to me to produce something good. I was looking back at the old videos we made and I kinda wished we had put in better effort for those.

Well, I havnt seen the full production of the love beyond video yet, but so far, im pretty proud of it =).

So, lol too bad to you midyears =p. I'll have fun failing you heh. Theres a good side to not studying. When you score low, you can confidently say its because you didnt study, and when you surprisingly do well, you can say 'hey I did that without studying, imagine what happens if I studied' xD.