Day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding

Uhhhh, honestly I dont know. This is like, assuming I get married in the first place lol. How about this?

I realised the top comment was about someone wanting it to be his/her wedding song LOL.


Funny, today's history lesson was short but so many things about it.

We're learning history of China now and we were shown this video, which is in modern day context but apparently is something that has been happening for decades so it counts towards history lol.

Its pretty sad stuff rawr.


And remember how I used to jokingly say Steve Jobs was the devil and Apple was evil, well apparently there might be some truth to that. Foxconn, the company that manufactures all your apple products, including your much beloved iphones and ipads?

High suicide rates and stuff. Not sure entirely though, but apparently its quite bad. So the next time you whip out your iphone, think of those workers in China who died making it. Ouch.


Otherwise, im highly amused at the number of economic terms referred to today during history heh. Inflationary pressures, trade deficit, privatization, multiplier effect, IMF and the world bank, foreign direct investment, technological transfer, devaluation, etc. Haha and the best part was how it overlapped with the econs lesson before that. LGY started explaining what the IMF did and we were like 'yea we just learnt that 40 mins ago' =p.

Sleep early wake up early night, ciao =).