It works!

Productivity increases five fold past 1am. The mixture of being tired and awake at the same time makes you feel like the most interesting thing you have before you is your work and nothing else is even worth looking at. Motivation to do work is maximized because you actually really want to do it.

Downsides of course is that supposedly you die from fatigue the next day, especially since its 3.30am now but hey, I have no school. What time shall I wake up? =p

I feel much more confident for math now. Still, I dont know what curveball they're gonna throw at me, but if its the normal stuff (and I dont run out of time), im pretty sure I can land a 5. Heck I feel like I can potentially land a 6 but lets not go there because they ARE going to throw curveballs that make me get a 4 =(.