Mid exam thoughts

Before that though, a post from someone's blog few days back. The person if of the age where she just started work.

When we were younger, we didn’t think of less things. We thought of simpler things.
Why hasn’t he/she replied, does he like me, does she like me?Ohdear, exams are here. stress!
My parents are so irritating, they keep nagging! They don’t understand me.

And we thought that of our world, oh how horrid it is.
then, sigh. how come the world then is looking so pretty?

My first instict was that its untrue on multiple counts.

Firstly, I dont only think of things like this. There are so many other things I think about in life. In fact, all three are hardly amongst my greatest concerns.

Secondly, this seems like an oversimplification of ideas. It seems minute when you put it that way. There are deeper issues in each of the three examples raised. Take for example examinations. Its not just my grades in that simple meaningless form that are at stake. Its the expectations of society, others and ourselves, and thats just one segment. And who can deny that grades are important? Is it not something big in this phrase of my life? Is it really 'simpler'?

Thirdly, I didnt think my world is really horrid. Even with bigger issues than those three, no it isnt. Theres beauty in life.

Then I rethought. I dont pretend to understand the challenges faced in entering the workforce so I cant comment on that. But really, arent these three issues really what stands out when I look around me? I just take a run through my twitter feed and you know what, its true. They are everywhere.

So many peers are just living their lives centered around those three things (or at least the first two).

What are you living for?

Its saddening. Theres truth in those words about us teens, and I personally find that pathetic. If that sums up our lives pretty well, if those are dominant forces in our lives, then theres something terribly wrong about us.


The underperformance for this exam isnt good. Im choosing to do math over history paper 3 now and personally I feel that isnt the best trade off. Yes im bad at math, but history paper 3 is a new paper altogether and perhaps I should spend more time on it. But like I said, this is killer week. Physics paper 3 is a new paper too and im gonna study for that since its only 2 chapters no point trading it off, and im already trading off econs paper 3. So its really between history and math with this remaining time left.

Im choosing to believe in my potential for history but paper 3 and hence my ability to catch up on it before the IB paper but it is really a completely different ball game and I dont think im going to do badly for it this time round. Math though, I know im terrible at that so oh well. I guess I dont mind taking 1 point off each of my other 3 subjects (exclude english) temporary if I can move my math up by 1 point. Overall loss of 2 points yes, but its so much harder to bring math up by one grade than to restore the rest after they fall.

Currently from the looks of it, my results for midyears are probably going to be:
Math - Not sure yet, see how difficult the paper is, I hope to get a 5 actually with the effort im putting in instead of my target of 4 but I dunno la, im very sure they are going to jack up the difficulty for this paper.
Econs - 5 points. Original target 6 but messed up SAQ real badly, if DRQ is bad too I might even get a 4.
Hist - 6 points. I didnt write enough for paper 2 but it should still score decently, paper 1 might have been hard but its not bad enough to pull my marks down so I should get a decent 6 with those, but paper 3 will be the one that brings it down to a low 6, but oh dear please not a 5 even though I see that possibly happening. Major setback if I see my top subject scoring anything below a 6.
English - 4 or 5 points. Im hoping for a 5 assuming they mark paper 2 leniently as they always had.
Physics - 6. Maybe 7 but im not confident of scoring well for quantum physics and my paper 1 and 2 arent good enough to pull up my marks, im guessing combined they are a high 6 or a boderline 7.

And that brings it to a total of 26 excluding chinese. Come to think of it, its pretty hard to get below 28 at this point with that 7 for chinese that almost e

Hmm, gotta keep working at the pace I was during the June hols even after the mid years. Well, at least after a little 4 day break heh. Btw, June hols pace means, do rest, to have abit of fun, do spend time on things that matter, but dont neglect studies. Its not pure mugger haha. Ah well.

And no. Sadly I havnt been studying the whole day. I played quite abit actually. I found this cool game on kongregate while taking a break and it all went downhill from there T.T. Well, at least I completed it already. No more distractions for the rest of today rawr gotta power up.