A mixture of things

And so the battle begins.


Well, Im ending the use of my HTC phone today and going back to my xperia x10 mini pro. I kinda like the HTC actually haha, and it lags less and has better quality photos but aiya, even though the HTC pwns xperia in many ways, I want my keyboard. I really cannot stand typing with the soft touch haha. So im willing to go back to xperia just because of that =p.

So, photos I took with the HTC before I return it to my mom =).

The three camps =).

Letters, notes, and cards accumulated over all these years =D.

Mud pie!


MUD PIE!!!!!


And haha I finally got my overdue birthday present from my parents. Yay I got my own bicycle finally. I'll go cycle at jurong central park soon ^^.