On an adventure

So like I said yesterday, I have a bike now haha. Took it for a spin today exploring the jurong lake area. Haha its amusing that I have lived here for almost all my life and I never actually even went to these places before. I faintly recall having been to the chinese gardens only once in my life and it was probably when I wasnt even in primary school yet (or maybe lower primary). So its pretty amazing what there is there actually.

Im glad I have the time to do this. Soon I wont as study mode kicks in again. Technically speaking, by rights I shouldnt even be having too much of a rest these short few days, theres work to be done. But I guess its good. So I will. On wednesday im going to start up my mugger mode again though and I think I'd stop TF and dota after this coming sunday. Back to work.

Meanwhile, slow down and enjoy the breeze.