Potentially another long night

Math port is the most tedious IA.
World lit the one I feel most useless in.
And IOC the most terrible experience.

The fact that my world lit was due last friday and im still struggling to let it make sense and because of that havnt started studying for IOC is pretty messed up.

IB oh IB, what cruelty. Why must english be compulsory. I know many people love it but apparently im really terrible at this analysis thing -.-.


Its only 1am. One thousand three hundred and seventy one words.

And im stuck.

There was never an IA which I couldnt reach the word count. More like, always overshooting it by 1.5x and trying very hard to cut it down.

Im satisfied with everything I have in there right now. But its incomplete. I have about two hundred words to spare, seeing as I know amongst my 1371 words some words are useless words. And I dont know what to do with those two hundred words.

Its a shift in the type of frustration. From the, not knowing how to do it at all to the almost there, but just quite unable to finish it. I guess frankly the latter is better, but it sure is annoying as hell when you just want it to be over and done with.

So im not handing up my world lit again. Its overdue, and my IOC along with my sleep cycle, and math, is going to suffer because of this.

And I'll be honest. I kinda need someone to fill those last 200 words for me. If not, nothings happening.