Day 10 - a song that makes you fall asleep



LKY movie coming out. Its was mildly amusing at first but no really interested, then I saw that it was going to be a POLITICAL THRILLER and I really laughed out loud xD.

90 days in 1965 huh. Now I wanna watch it hehe, just to see how they dramatize LKY hollywood style xD.


Sighhh omigosh the news is -.-. Woman cuts off hubby's penis. Robber kept as sex slave. These are the kind of things that DONT HAPPEN man. But apparently nowadays they do sheesh.

And another man got murdered. PEOPLE IN SINGAPORE KEEP DYING. Whatever happened to low crime means no crime sheesh.


Some random guy passed me Christian stuff on the bus. I thought it was quite rude actually, the way it was done. I was walking up the steps towards the back and I got the thing shoved at me quite aggressively, more so than even the people handing out flyers usually do. If this is how street evangelism is being done, I can see why people hate it so much. Thats not the way to go man.

But interestingly, the booklet I got is definitely not street evangelism material. Its actually more advanced theology and doctrine. Not something that non Christians can understand lol. Now I dont understand why you would pass a booklet like this to a random person on the bus but oh well, I spent the bus ride reading it and have some thoughts about it. I dont agree with everything it says, but I feel that there are some things in there worth considering.


Which got me thinking about another thing. Many Christians nowadays dont actually realise that we are not to simply take whatever the pastor tells us, absorb it in and accept it. The Bible calls us to critically examine everything we are taught. To fail to do so would be committing the error of 'blind faith', which interestingly enough is also often associated with Christians when it is not supposed to be.

There is a reason why there are so many denominations you know. Not all churches agree on the same things. Well, the main doctrine is sound and thats why the churches come together as a cohesive body, but certain aspects of theology are still widely debated upon and different views held by different denominations. These views dont affect our understanding of salvation and eternity (well, maybe except for the different views held regarding backsliding and bearing fruit), but it does affect Christian living. To not attempt to understand the truth of what the Bible is saying would be a grave, foolish mistake to make.

A clear example would be the prosperity gospel. If one did not understand the Bible well enough, one would possibly fall into this trap when it is preached by pastors. Yet this is but one blatant example that almost every Christian would be aware of, there are many others out there that are much more subtle and may be taken as truth when it may not actually be so.

Of course, a balance must be struck, I dont believe in dabbling into too much of theology the same way I dont believe in dabbling into too much of apologetics. At the end of the day, I believe that all these will fade away but faith, hope and love endures forever. I believe in our primary purpose to live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Yet all the same, as one grows in spiritual maturity with Christ, this spiritual maturity must necessarily come with a better grasp on the Word of God.