Spring cleaning

Well I spent this morning packing my cupboard, 2 drawers, and my table. It started off with just my table only actually, to stack all the stuff I need for exams there and be ready for IB, but it moved to the cupboard, and it moved to the drawers heh.

So now all the things I need for IB are placed neatly on my table by subjects wahhaha. Needless to say, the history pile is almost as big as all the other piles combined. Oh well at least you dont need to go into detail through all those stuff for history. Not like math. Math is a bummer. A really thin book can take you forever. Like how I did 2 pages worth of calculus questions over 4 days because they had a small font size and 2 columns per page.

Anyway, I kept all the notes and letters and stuff people ever wrote to me in my cupboard and it was rather untidy. I finally decided to take them all out and throw them in a drawer, along with some very outstanding products of my childhood (like my baby teeth collection hehe). So now I effectively have a nostalgia drawer =p.

Reading through some of these notes, it feels really foreign to me, yet pretty sweet at the same time. So much has changed over the past year that even things from last year seem like they were from forever ago.

Apparently I used to have influence and am considered to be extroverted. Somewhere along the way that changed. I dont consider myself skewed heavily towards the introvert side (it really depends on the environment im in and how comfortable I am with it), but its a significant change nonetheless from the crazy talk to everyone laugh with everyone days.

I guess as life goes on, you need to slow down.

I wonder if its a good or bad thing, or both. I can easily think of ways why it would be bad, but I suppose it isnt necessarily always true. But oh well we'll leave that for another day.