This is an extremely philosophical statement

Day 27 - a song that you wish you could play

You know, I could go endlessly on about this. There are just so many songs I wish I could play but you know, I never quite got the perseverance to pick up and instrument. I remember how I used to bug my mom to let me learn the piano because I really liked it (hence my awesome mickey waltz skills), then I quit piano classes not too long after starting them because I gave up on a song I couldn't play after one month.

Do I regret it? Maybe. I do wish I could play the piano.

And since then, time and time again I would go dig up my old keyboard from the storeroom and place in in the living room for one month, trying out new stuff. So I can play top of the word, fur elise, the starting part of secret with my right hand and the starting part of to zanarkand with both hands. Never quite got far though. We all know secret and to zanarkand arent easy stuffs and I gave up on both of them quickly.

I picked up guitar for beginners class in school but I never got the pressing the strings thing right and I gave that up after one week. That one is fine, I guess I was never really that interested in the guitar, just that it was much more portable than the keyboard heh.

So yes, the only musical instrument that im currently pretty good at is O2jam.

So I have a list of things to do after IB. Skills that I really want to pick up but honestly I have no idea how much perseverance I will have to carry it through. Amongst them one of them will be the piano, and I really hope that something can come forth from there.

Hmm. Oh well. So heres a sample of just one of the less difficult songs that I would like to learn how to play.

Just kidding xD.