Eugene showed me this song I think around last week haha. I was thinking of how to describe it but couldnt really, then he pointed it out. Its really very well layered =p.

Im damn slow I only realised this was about Mary Magdalene when I saw the top comments heh =p.

If you prefer something soft, theres an acoustic version too, though I think its not as cool when it doesnt have that layered effect anymore haha.

They call her runaway
Without a place to stay
But I heard it won't be long
Cause this is Mary's song

Just like a castaway
Thrown into the wave
But I heard her faith is strong
Cause this is Mary's song

She let her hair fall down beside him as the tears fell on his feet
She had given more than who she was to the world

Will you hold her up? Let her fall? Or stand strong without wavering?
Cause she's descending, she's breaking down
The word she speaks is just another plea

Cause you take away,
Please just take away my pain

(Rap: I'm broken within my soul, I'm chokin' I can't let go, provokin' to make a change, I'm afraid i've been lead astray)

I need this change
Please don't let this be the same

(Rap: Don't want it to be the same, I'm tired, I need this change, I'm weary you'll let me fade, I fear i'mma fade away)

He looked her in the eye with passion as he spoke the words that said it all
No matter what you've done I'll love you, and I'll love you through it all

I'll hold you up when it's tearing you down
Stand mighty strong without wavering
With just a word, I will lift you up
A word of love can change anything

I take away
I will take away your pain
(Rap: You're broken within your soul, so broken you can't let go, take hold and make a change, the cold is gone today)
You need this change
It won't ever be the same
(Rap: It won't ever be the same, tomorrow tonight today, feel within and change, you deserve all you've gained)

I will love you
(At times you try and times you lie)
I will love you
(This is the time to defy, use your faith to find me)
I will love you
(Don't you run)
I will love you
(I will abide with this life that you gave to me)


While im at it with youtube, this one I saw quite some time back too.

And this one is HILARIOUS xD.