And the quiz concludes

Day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year

Oh my. What an end to the quiz. Late July early August. That period made a huge impact on my life, I didnt realise that this was the time frame until I started reading my posts.

Well uhm, accordingly that was when I posted alot of songs because I didnt really want to write anything, the songs acted as my speech. So its hard to say what my favourite song was since each of them kinda had their own special meaning. Quite a number of the songs I posted over the past 30 days and their significance to me had their origin in this time period actually.

If I were to pick one that survived through it all though (and has not be posted), it would be this.

And I think its a beautiful ending to the 30 day quiz =).


Oh my, I talked about how I would go mad over ioc 'next year' this time last year. Apparently my fortune telling skills are pretty awesome.

Nonono thats not a good thing heh.