Best national day celebration ever =p.

Not that the celebration itself was fantastic, its the same old thing really. Well granted this year's was more amusing with the RAINBOWWW, the really high music teacher and a close of view of the choir people some of which were so awkward that its hilarious and some the exact opposite being so enthu that it cracks me up.

I guess what really makes the difference is the people you sit with. I dont suppose there was a more enthusiastic group of people during community singing today. One of us had said, 'im not exactly patriotic, but lets do it', and though it was simply amusing at the moment, theres something really refreshingly nice about it in the midst of dreariness.

Dancing with our elbows kept to our sides was hilarious, especially when you do the towel move. Not to mention the way we entertained ourselves with little word games and how my vocabulary has improved significantly after being pwned by english HL students. Lobotomy, a neurosurgical procedure.

Looking ahead, sure we'll still see each other around after today, but I wonder. After IB, perhaps years down the road, I wonder what it will be like.


What will you live to do?
What have I left for you?
What will we leave behind?