Feel the wind


Cycling is therapeutic.

Frost drives me mad. Everyone loves him except me. I might appreciate his works and their complexities more if he I didnt need to study it heh. I dont know man. I can understand why people say Frost is awesome but hes just not english IOC noob friendly =(.

So I decided to go cycle for abit and get back to work later. I cycled a new path, following the mrt tracks from chinese gardens until the park connector branches off from it and I find myself heading toward's Eugene's house. Tried to contact him but couldn't, so I moved on and ended up at west mall. Saw the sign board and realised that I could make it to CCK, so I did.

It was a completely impulsive journey, took slightly over an hour, and I ended up at Lot 1 and joined the bbgbcia peeps for awhile heh =p.

It was also an unwise journey. I didn't get my work done, and time is running out. It tired me out and now im exhausted. I don't know if I can continue tonight.

Yet, it was worth it. This impulsive moment, an unwise decision by the logic of things, brought simple joy in my life. I can totally understand why ben would make a decision like going to penang without his IOC done.

There was this sense of glee charging through the stretch from gombak to cck. Uncontained smiles seeing lot 1 slowly emerge.

And you know, cycling lets you see things you normally wouldn't see. It allows you to explore, taking in a whole new world altogether. Places I have never been before, heck even places I have been before, take on a totally different feel on the bike. Its like, driving doesnt give you the freedom to explore and walking is too slow and dreary. Cycling solves that, and you can feel the wind while you're at it.

Didnt get to explore as much this time though, charged towards the objective of reaching Lot 1. Next time, I'll do more exploring. 

I'll head over to Little Guilin, where I released a couple of turtles when I was just a kid ^^.



I feel somewhat annoyed that im putting this segment here with that nice nice one up there haha. What a change in tone.

National day parade. Sigh. Im not anti patriotism, but HOW CHEESY CAN IT GET?? -.-

Parade segment, hats off to you, great drill. Special effects, good one it looks really pro. Fireworks manager, its real pretty. The surrounding water was used well, nice stuff. Overall, the proceedings of the parade is one of the best ever.

Except one thing spoiled it all. WHO MADE THE 'PLOT' FOR THE PERFORMANCE SEGMENT.

The mrt segment was horrendous. That was a terrible rap with terrible lyrics and a terrible storyline. Terrible terrible terrible.

What was with the random swimming thing. It was completely no link -.-.


On the whole, it was really bad.

Twitter is amusing though. Sharon Au, watching NDP, IN A HEARTBEAT and Gurmit Singh were trending. And oh my the tweets were hilarious.

Oh well. It could have been good but now I just felt like I wasted my time meh.

I wonder why do some people love it so much o.o. Patriotism I understand but patriotism shouldn't mean accepting everything as awesome. It requires loving the nation but willing to question the parts that aren't quite right.

Hehe okay fine I shall stop complaining about NDP. Dont like dont watch lor =p.