Darkness is the absence of light


'And thats why its better to be a freethinker. Religion is the cause of so many conflicts. If everyone is a freethinker then everyone will be happy.'

Its painful to hear it, knowing that it isnt true, but yet unable to refute it because the facts arent on your side. Am I to expound on theology and attempt to correct misunderstandings?

No, the words spoken will be but empty words.

'All the wars, terrorism, everything also. All caused by religion. If the world is all one religion, or better still no religion, then there will be world peace.'

Its not Christ that is the root of problem. Its Man's deviation from Christ. I wish all Christians were perfect so we could show the world who Christ really is, but in the end the image of Christianity is still torn up by the failings of Man.

'Still want me to go to Church. Whats the point. After so long, its still like this. Say want to change, but nothing change. So why should I go.'

And what can we say when people do not believe? We who call ourselves by the name of the Lord are the very ones who cause others to stumble.

'I just know that you control your own destiny.'

Forgive us Father.