Forever He shall reign

The way the worship segment for the song Yahweh was done today was like a battle zone. The war drums were smashing in the background, the flags shot up towards the skies as the warriors declare. 'He shall reign, forever He shall reign'.

And it reminds me of the battle with the Amalekites, where God reveals himself as Jehovah Nissi. The armies of God clashed with the armies of the Amalekites as Moses stood on the hilltop with his hands raised heavenward.

And on the battlefield, as they align themselves with God, they align themselves with the one who already has the victory. They know that He shall reign.

Jehovah Nissi, the lord our banner, the lord our victory.

So, it is with this in my mind that I will confront this spiritual battle. What I need to do is clear but not necessarily simple. It is to lift up my hands and look to the one who reigns.

And at the end of day, I will reign with Him.