Its a beautiful place aint it

It almost makes you wish you could stay there.

See the flowers bloom.

Walk around the compounds.

And this is the front. Oh my Singaporeans love walking train tracks nowadays right?

What a beautiful place aint it?

By the way, do you know what those words translate to?

Arbeit macht frei is actually a pretty famous line you know. Of course, its famous because of this place la.

Its German, roughly translates to 'work sets you free'.

And in case you havn't figured out by now, you're looking at Auschwitz. The largest concentration camp which resulted in an estimated 1.1 million deaths.


No idea why I did this post. Suddenly just reminded of a picture of Auschwitz which looked pretty nice but I cant find it again. Think i saw it in deviantart last year.

Frankly speaking, most people dont care about things like this. I mean, holocaust occurred in a far away land and over half a century ago. As a history student though, I guess in a way these things come to live once again.

The final solution of the Jewish question. That man is sick in his mind.