A Lear quote would be appropriate here but I cant think of any right now


Some thoughts.

Sometimes, we say that when we study, we do it for the glory of God. And there is truth in that, but there must also be a clear understanding of what that means and not just tossing that phase around, which I admit I am guilty of.

If we do something for ourselves, lets not pretend that we are doing it for God. It could be a mix of both of course, but then be certain that it is a mix of both and not delude ourselves into thinking that we are really pursuing hard the kingdom.

And its a principle that applies through every aspect of our lives. For example, even when we love others, and I cite love because it is the greatest of all things. Lets not pretend that we do not derive satisfaction from it. Im not saying deriving satisfaction makes it more for ourselves than for God, but if what we pursue is the satisfaction  (and sometimes we do that unconsciously), then we ought not pretend we are doing it solely for God. It is not wrong, but a distinction must be made.

But back to studies. I wonder how much of myself studies for the glory of God and how much of it is for self satisfaction of acquiring good grades, pleasing my parents, and ensuring a good future. The two latter ones do play a part in honouring God, but I would hardly think so for the former. Yet I find that in myself, the desire to be up there, to prove that im good.

But well, its exactly three months to the end of my education journey. It would be a complete waste for me to decide now that I dont have to work that hard. So I might as well go all the way. Three months pass quickly, just push harder, and remember to let it be for the glory of God.