Lift my eyes

Forgive me, that when the going gets tough, I drift off and walk alone.

Forgive me, that in the busyness of life and its struggles, instead of drawing close, I strike my own path.

Forgive me, for not turning to You, allowing joy to be sapped from my life.

Forgive me, for love broken, letting the dissonance from the world to seep in.

Forgive me, for breezing through, taking the world in, letting darkness envelope.

I want to look to You.


Realities of the world grip me, its harsh, I can't simply dismiss them because the fact of the matter is that they are very real right now. Nonetheless, I want to remain sure and steadfast, standing firm on Christ the Solid Rock.

Live, not dwelling on the pains that may be found on this world, but looking heavenwards towards eternity.