Post elections

Haha frankly speaking, this presidential elections was more amusing to me than something to be excited about. I didnt think the president was going to be very important anyway, so I didnt really bother following up on the news, though I did ask around for people's opinions and all.

At the end of the day, even if you think that voting TT in would be voting in 'PAP's dog', it doesnt really matter. The president doesn't have that much power, I dont really think voting in TJS would have significantly changed the political landscape aside from the fact that you have a pro opposition president. Come GE 2016, there will be upheaval once again, regardless of who won the PE.

And though TT and TCB had such a close intense fight, which as a supporter of TCB I found it a pity that he lost by such a small margin, the winning of a moderate over a conservative isnt that significant. The battle for Aljunied was much more intense because it actually shows the first time opposition powers took an entire GRC, signalling changing times ahead.

Thought it wasnt as exciting as the GE, it sure was funny. I was really looking forwards to seeing Yam Ah Mee again yesterday but they dashed my hopes and dreams heh. I had to watch him on youtube instead.

And johann is hilarious. Hes a supporter of TCB and I really enjoyed watching him subtly trying to persuade all the teachers to vote for TCB.

My dad is the best though. Haha I buay tahan. He also supports TCB, but he isnt actually a hardcore supporter. Now that TCB has lost, he isnt exactly mourning over that loss just continuing life as per normal. But its hilarious that he got on television showing his support, shaking hands with him. It looked like he really supported TCB to join him at the counting of votes, but its so amusing because I know the only reason why he bothered going there was because we happen to live across the road from the stadium. It was hilarious to watch him dig his cupboard for a red shirt, realise he didnt have one, and went to take one from my bro's cupboard. It was hilarious to see him go down only when he heard TCB was coming. It was hilarious to know that he purposely shook hands with TCB twice in an attempt to get himself on national television for fun.

Im pretty sure if TCB's base was only slightly further, like chinese gardens, he would be too lazy to go there heh. Dammit I should have tried to get myself on tv for fun too hehe.

Oh well. PE's over, life goes on. I would rather TCB over TT but aiya whatever la lol. Few more days later no one would care anymore and the president would disappear into the background once again, and you'll never hear his voice but just see him waving during special events.

I feel TKL's abit pitiful though. Didnt think he stood a chance at all but it must have been really crushing when he saw the developments for himself first hand. People generally dont admit defeat so quickly, and 5% is really pathetic. Some tweets reported that one station only had 1% votes for him. He did spend a considerable amount on the campaigning and now he cant even get his deposit back.