Love Singapore 40 Day Booklet - August 5th - Night Watch

You may be forgiven for laughing at Harold Camping's prediction of the Second Coming. But think soberly. Some of those naive Christians who believe him may be more ready than we are. After all, f you're not ready by 21st October, what makes you think you will be ready when Jesus does come back? Be alert! False prophecies are among the signs of the End. For that reason alone, we should take them seriously. If Satan has anything to do with them, you can be sure they are designed to put us off guard and put us to sleep. Don't let it happen to you.

Imagine that you are somehow convinced that Jesus will come back within the year, but you don't know the day or the hour.

What are some things you are not doing but you would start doing now?

What are some things you are doing that you would do more of?

What are some things you would do differently and how?

What are some things you would stop doing immediately?

What is keeping you from making these changes in your life now?