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"If only, that they may all know of how deep My love is. If only. Understand this. To seek to do the Will of the Father requires that you know the Father. To do My will, you must know Me. Know My love, for you and for all."

Have you wondered when you say, "the Love of God", do you understand what you say?
Have you wondered, what is it?
Have you also wondered, why is that so?
Simple faith is not blind faith. Neither are faith, reason and understanding mutually exclusive sets.

If we do not understand His Love, how can we go on to say, that "'I' 'Love' 'You'"? What is that 'I', what is that 'Love' and finally what is that 'You'?
How do we continue to say, that 'we seek to save the lost', having not known that saving grace?

Do we believe that God is Love simply because it is stated in the Gospel of St. John, or in St John's epistles? Utter idolatry! What kind of god have many shaped because of such simplistic thinking and hastiness?
Test and taste that goodness for yourself! Be still before Him! Listen! Respond!
Is then stillness something that overlaps with talking, or saying?
How shallow the understanding of that immense love then, for if talking is a frequent action, how does one listen and know?


Do we preach a gospel of reason alone? No.
Do we preach a gospel of emotions alone? No.
Do we preach a gospel of blessings alone? No.
Do we preach a gospel of promises alone? No.

But, we preach a Being, a Person. We preach His endless reign and kingdom.
We cannot even begin to complete talking about Him, and we only describe His qualities in part (of many together) and in part (for we are unable to fathom with our finite minds the infinite).

We do not emphasise what WE can do, for that is IDOLATRY.
We have no such concern. For as He came into this world saying, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick', and saying also that He did 'not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance", so we will only be where we must and shall be.

We are of the hope that He shall raise up in our lifetime a generation that is faceless and nameless, except for His Name which He shall inscribed upon us by Himself, and clothed by and in His Righteousness for His Kingdom. We also desire to be a part of that generation, for we who have lost everything has nothing left to lose except for the life that we given freely in exchange for that which we were dead in.

We know the regeneration is here, because in each corner of the world the standard bearers of the army of God have been awaken and are rallying all.

We know what we must do, and we shall do, for we are nothing, except being the beloved of God.

1. Who are you?
2. Who is God to you? 


Saw this on a friend's blog. I don't really agree with it, but it does serve as a reminder to me of the nature of God's grace, where though we deserve nothing, we are given much, and yet often we forget that and only see the painful moments in our lives.