Pretty cool video made by Singaporeans haha. My bro just walked in as I was watching this and told me thats his friend, cool stuff lol.

Ohhh no wonder the song is so familiar, its also from Danny MacAskill's Way Back Home haha.


Sometimes in life, there is just no answer or there are infinitely many answers...Perseverance is not the only answer, Love is the answer...God is ultimately The Answer.
- JW

A little clumsy in phrasing, the original was even more so, I made it more understandable by removing the unnecessary parts, but hey shes a math teacher not an english teacher.

This means alot, coming from someone who banters the phrase 'Perseverance is the answer' like nobody's business and even got it on the IB math books.


So unnerved by the coming prelims and IB examinations, yet so excited for the end that lies up ahead.

OH NO NAPFA. I dont want to go in 2 months early blegh. Sheesh IB is fattening and its not good for my fitness. Then again, there are plenty of fit IB guys, im just lazy to exercise heh. At least im not that bad.


Listening to switchfoot =p.

Oh, your love is a symphony, all around me, running through me.