Definitely not leveling up

So I deleted my garena. What did I do instead? Jolly, I went to watch a film xD.

Haha okay la. Films are less time consuming and more important than dota heh.

Wanted to watch this since forever ago, but never quite got down to it. Well, suddenly remembered yesterday so I finally did, though I was supposed to level up my history this morning heh.

I watched at some online site with poor quality and sometimes the audio was out of sync too boo. But I guess the storyline was really good and so thats alright. Its the little intricacies and how they all weaved together that really made it brilliant. And I learnt a new literary term, Chekov's gun, it was pretty well utilized in the film.

Go watch it if you havnt people, though I think half the readers of this blog already have watched it heh.

Link for lousy quality: