Finished this book, and I have to say, I really anticipated reading it so when I got my hands on it, whoohoo. And as I read it, woah its good stuff, it was getting more and more exciting (though imo some parts were predictable but hey its still cool), and then, everything goes into a blur and I was thrown a curveball I didnt like =(.

So, it turns out that 'the man who was thursday' is a Christian allegory. BUT I WAS READING A SPY THRILLER. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME. Can I read my Christian allegory when I want to read my Christian allegory, and not let it ninja me =(.

I was really excited to see how everything was going to be resolved you know. Then they give me this kind of thing wahlao. Ok la I appreciate the allegory, its really good and I guess the fact that its unexpected and is a curveball which makes you rethink stuff makes it one of the finest books ever written, BUT I WANT TO SEE MY SPY THRILLER ENDING ZZZ.

Oh well =(.