Increasing as you grow older, everything does become more grey, but not just in the aspects of the right and the wrong which is so often heard, but really in every aspect of life. Even in tastes and preferences, where you may once said that 'this is good stuff' and 'this is terrible', increasingly you may come to appreciate everything in all its different unique flavours.

Wasn't too long ago that I was grouping music as good stuff and bad stuff. Think about how my preferences changed.

I used to listen only the enligsh songs. Then after that I thought mandopop was good stuff and english songs were shitty. Then i thought Kpop was good (not the current day kind, it was at a time no one listened to kpop aside from audition players lol, when Jpop was the craze instead). Then worship songs. Then I transited back into english pop and rock (while still listening to worship songs, from this point onwards I didnt abandon anything I listen to, I just began to accept more forms of it, but I hardly listen to my mandopop and kpop anymore lol). Then I started to get annoyed at billboard charts for their superficial music and went towards singers like brooke fraser (still ftw), and now I guess I consider myself more open to stuff in general.

I do remember getting into a (or was it two) quarrels regarding music preferences and judging things as 'queer' music. Funny now that I can better appreciate this 'queer' music. I guess its in part is due to the realisation that a good many people whom I greatly respect listen to these 'queer' music, and perhaps there is a reason why. I have a vague idea in my head, but its not clear enough for me so I shant comment.

Im not into it yet though. Maybe next time. I'll take my time to experiment with various different genres (though I highly doubt I would ever go towards metal heh). Until then, enjoy.

And yes, I speak of music because I happened to be talking about it, and I just spent the past hour listening to these new songs (for me), but this whole grey thing applies to many other things as well. And really, it isnt actually a bad thing, I think it adds colour to life.

P.S. I really like the first two haha, the last two okay la. Heh imo, drumming song doesnt leave an impression at the start, but it gets more and more epic.