Woefully unprepared, afraid for every single paper because I havnt finished revising anything, and my most confident subject I havnt touched it since prelims. Tension, fear, I never had a major examination since PSLE which I didnt care much for. Procrastinating, tired, little sickly, really doesnt look good. I would expect myself to be alot more prepared for a major exam like this but I guess not.

Its not about me though, its about Christ in me. What do I really want to see from this examinations? I dont need the score. Perhaps its only to please my parents and to make myself feel good. Regardless of motivation, I bring it under Christ, and let Him take control. How well I do, whatever my results, I leave it all in His hands, and to Him be all glory.


'Just like last year, maybe you'll pray for me and I'll cry'.

There are things I never got down to doing, things I regret not acting upon. I stepped off and decided it was time to move on and let them carry on what I never brought to completion, but it occurs to me that perhaps its not over yet. Some things, only I can do. What God has entrusted to me, I must not abandon.

'Why are you still here', 'you got alot of free time isit'.

No, I dont. Im horrendously behind time, but it means alot to me. It changed my life, and I hope it could change the lives of others too. Three days I always stood looking, because I know there is power in here, and though I may not have the opportunity to be personally involved in it, I deeply pray and hope for chains to be broken, eyes to be opened, that the glory of Christ may be revealed. In light of the sheer importance of that, IB seems almost like a joke, and funny enough, im not alone in this crazy thought.

There is a battlefield I left behind that I may be called to return to.