Newfound freedom

Having plenty of time does not equate to time well spent. Each and every moment is still precious and how you will use them still matters greatly. Like I said, its easy to let these six months rot by without doing much. I wont let that happen, these moments must be spent on things that count for eternity.


As much as I agreed with my parents long ago that this holiday should be a longer one because we probably wont ever get the chance to do it again, and that it should be earlier and thats good because it doesnt clash with he camp, it still feels a tad bit too early and too long. There are so many things I still wanna do and frankly, going to exciting places seems to even be in a way cutting into the time I want to spend doing exciting things back there in this country. Im sure when the date draws closer I'll be more excited, and indeed it will be a wonderful holiday, perhaps the best I'll ever have, but right now it feels a little like im leaving many things behind.

A couple of us talked about going overseas to study not too long ago. There does seem to be a good many people who really desire to pursue their further education outside of this country. I cant imagine myself doing that really, as much as I love exploration and seeing new things, I dont think I could allow myself to stray too far and too long away from this home, from these family and friends. No exploration of the world can compare to the further exploration of these beautiful relationships that have been forged here in this land.

I think its just me, but frankly, I cannot really why so many people could.