Prom Night 2011

I went for prom only because I didnt want to go through life without having ever gone to prom, and I got exactly what I asked for.

Well, it was my first for fine dining as well, at least as far as I can remember this was the only time I had six utensils in front of me. I must say, the food was pretty good, but I certainly wouldn't pay half of the 120 bucks for such kind of food. The smoked salmon starter was interesting, the main course chicken was excellent, the dessert chocolate cake was merely average. Portions were pretty small though, and I got hungry again soon enough. As much as its nice though, I think in the long run I'll stick to my wanton noodles. I enjoyed the experience of the food but fine dining simply doesnt suit me.

While most people spend the morning and afternoon before prom preparing, I spent it sleeping in till 1230, cleaning my room and clearing out all my IB stuff (humongous stacks btw), and then going for a run, before cycling over to a friend's house to head over together. People spent post prom at zouk/stjames, or perhaps a bar for some cocktails, I head back to my friend's house for marvel vs capcom 3 and halo 3. And I liked that. It was really to me, a mild occasion.

A question for the girls, do you seriously believe that heavy makeup makes you prettier? Or is some inner beauty and confidence thing. I think the way in which some people completely transform physically is quite a put off, especially when the eyeliners are thick and the jewelry excessively flaunted. Stick to natural, natural is best. Seems like guys have been saying the same thing forever but the girls are still disfiguring themselves. Or perhaps it is some social convention thing, where one feels obliged to put make up, just like how 90% of the guys feel obliged to wear black.

All in all, prom would remain one of those unique experiences that I've tried and not regretted it. It will not go down in memory lane as a night to remember, it didnt make me feel any special, it certainly didnt impact my life in any way, but I it adds to the wellspring of experiences we live through in life that adds a little flavour to our journey.