Not yet, but soon enough I hope.

Used and google street view to successful plan out a path that will take me all the way to yewtee, and that after that I have no clue what am I going to do. Turning 180 and going back seems boring and I hope at least I could take an alternative route back but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

Well the last time I cycled to lot 1, I got owned by the mrt tracks cutting through the grass field which made me go on a detour. Now upon further investigation of alternative paths, I realise, the next best alternative saves me only 500m.


So anyway this goes out to everyone here. If anyone wants to cycle with me, give me a call or drop me a message. Not like I really expect anyone since school's starting but I sure dont mind having some company. I dont intend to speed through it but to take it more slowly, relax and smell the flowers. It'll be a daytime cycle, which means it'll be hot but I'd take that over a night cycle where I cant see anything.

At the moment my planned route:
1) Start from my house
2) Cycle to chinese gardens mrt
3) Follow the train tracks going to jurong mrt
4) When nearing jurong mrt switch to the bukit batok train tracks
5) Cycle to the bridge, pay a visit to the fun little slope there
6) Cycle over the bridge, reach west mall
7) Turn right, follow bike path to bukit gomak
8) Pay a visit to little guilin
9) Follow train tracks, past hometeam ns
10) At junction, turn right or get owned by train tracks again
11) Follow path until LRT tracks
12) Turn left and follow LRT tracks to lot 1
13) Follow the loop out and follow MRT tracks to yew tee
14) I have no idea what to do once im there

So yea. I need a few things. Firstly, hopefully people to accompany me (if really dont have its fine lah but do you really want to miss out on this). Secondly, an idea on what to do after yewtee, its actually only about a 2 hour route on a relaxed pace and I think I can go longer than that, just that I dont see much point beyond yewtee, maybe find a way to go down to boon lay (old choa chu kang road so many graveyards though).

Mmhmm. No idea when im going to do this, buts its something I always wanted to do since I got the bike and maybe its time to start.