Oh simple thing, where have you gone?

Yea yea, I always post it. It doesnt get old.

I don't know why, but listening to this song always makes me feel better whenever I start to get a little bit of the blues. It isnt a song I associate with anything in particular, and its lyrics dont exactly speak about anything in my life that would make me feel like it understands me. Yet it does.

Perhaps its the mood of the entire song, with the mix of its lyrical meditations, questioning and the piano backbone. It comes across to me as a sad melody, of one pondering life, reflecting about the difficulty of not any one particular thing but the journey itself. Yet despite the feeling that life can be pretty overwhelming, there isnt a hint of despair, but a recognition of come what may. Maybe a glimmer of hope, but not hope in that things will get better, but a hope that even in the midst of everything, it is alright.

I dont know how you might interpret the song, but thats just how it makes me feel. There are numerous other songs that do tend to have this therapeutic effect on me, but this is the only one that doesnt explicitly have lyrics which would make that point, nor is it associated with anything I cherish in my life. It is simply by itself a song to bask in. And thats pretty special.