When reason and emotion clash

As a person who operates by logic much more than emotion and makes decisions according to them, I often find that despite my emotional attachments to certain things, I am able to push them away if I decide against it. Similarly, even there are times where my emotions cause me to be repulsed from other things, but rationally I see the need for it and am willing to do it. Logic often overpowers emotion that way in my life, and it works fine for me.

Sometimes though, logic gives me a 95% to 5% score, and while normally I would go with the 95%, emotion screams endlessly for me to go with the 5% simply because as long as there is that glimmer, emotion declares that it is alone enough reason to go for it.

Two years later, emotion is still screaming about that 5% and im starting to find that increasingly an incessant noise that I ought to get rid of.