If you wake up and don't feel excited about your day ahead, it's likely that what you're doing in your life isn't making you happy. Search for that missing link inside you. Live life on your own terms, by your own design :-)

Something a friend of mine posted on facebook today. Normally I wouldn't give it a second thought, knowing that as a Christian my view of life differs from that of other people. Recently I've been waking up tired and dreary though, so this caught my attention.

I thought that the first part of this is quite true. If you wake up and don't feel excited about your day ahead, you arent satisfied with life. You are displeased with the position that you are in. You dont find anything of worth to look forward to. You'd rather not be awake. You aren't happy.

I've been having nightmares recently. Not really frightening ones and not those that stick in my memory long after I've awoken, but nightmares nonetheless. The content of my dreams have also shifted towards realism. Thing is, I dont usually have nightmares. To have them continuously is a sign that I havn't been resting peacefully.

Its rainy season now and I dont know when the sun will shine again.